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Interesting Times Magazine #02

Published 2009

Issue number two is oozing of coolness and features, among other things an exclusive interview with the two cyber-legends, Sean Kennedy and James "cimmerian" O'Brien of RantMedia! Have a look, you won't regret it.

Review: Got Fight? The 50 zen principles of hand-to-face combat by Forest Griffin
True Romance: Time enough for love in the age of cold science?
Trenchside with SKTFM and Cimmerian of Rantmedia - the grand old men of Canadian cyberpunk
Intel report: the Scandinavian survivalist underground
Join the military: for fun, profit and personal development
Social networks: A gift from the gods of the Internet or a social engineer’s dream?
Sarging in Sweden
Life lessons from Robert A Heinlein
Review: Body by eats by Leigh Peele
Review: The body fat solution by Tom Venuto

Year 2009
Language English
Collection interestingtimeszine; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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